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This page covers the workflow for Blender in regards for creating custom content for The Sims 3 together with Milkshape.


Product Info

Blender is a "high end" completely free 3D application, with many advanced features comparable to those found in professional 3D packages such as 3D Studio Max, Maya, Cinema4D, and others.


Blender can be incorporated into Sims 3 creators' workflow quite easily. You can create meshes directly in Blender, or you can import meshes from other 3D programs. As of currently, meshes can not be taken directly from Blender into TSR Workshop.


  • File → Import → Wavefront (.obj)

The following options upon import need to be changed:

Enable Smooth Groups If mesh has parts that need to be smoothed, enabled. If not, disabled
Separate By Group
Clampscale 0.0
Image Search Off


  • File → Export → Wavefront (.obj)

The following options upon export need to be changed:

Export Triangulate
Export Normals
Blender Objects as OBJ If exporting more than one mesh at a time, "groups"

Import into Milkshape 3D

In order to then get the mesh into Milkshape, you simply need to import the .obj:

  • File → Import → Wavefront (.obj)

Please note that the a .wso file should be imported before an .obj file

If you exported more than one group from Blender, they should be listed under the Groups tab. Once the mesh has been imported on top of the .wso, you can then proceed to rename groups and assign joints, etc.

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