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Compared to Sims 1 & 2 careers have changed in Sims 3. Your sim is now paid per hour instead of per day. This means your Sim can arrive late or leave early and be paid less for the day. Also your Sim goes to work in one of the buildings in the neighborhood instead of some location, somewhere in Sim City.

To find a job you can either look in the newspaper, on the computer or in the neighborhood. Select the career's workplace and join the career there. There are 11 fulltime and 5 parttime careers in the base game. 3 of the fulltime careers give you two choices in the last 4-5 levels. Law Enforcement, for example, splits up into a Special Agent Branch and a Forensic Analysis Branch.

Ambitions Expansion Pack!

Ambitions adds new "active" professions, so these base game careers are now known as "traditional careers". Ambitions added 1 new career of this type called Educator. Details of the active professions will be added soon.



Icon Name Description
Business The bustling halls of the Business Office need quick thinking Sims to take it to the next level. The board room values strong office relationships, the right attitude, and the ability to hold productive meetings.
Crime The local crime syndicate is looking for Sims to join their nefarious ranks. Sims who are in good physical condition, will get along with the rest of the gang, and have no problem doing things that some might label as "criminal," are encouraged to apply.
Culinary Long nights of professional food preparation could be in store for your sim. The best cooks have the right attitude, a strong relationship with the kitchen staff, and a firm knowledge of cooking.
Journalism As a journalist, citizens will rely on you for up-to-the-minute news, hot stories, and tips for good living. Can your sim be sufficiently charismatic to get the facts, and write well enough to get them down on paper?
Law Enforcement The presence of crime is evident in all societies, and it's up to a few brave Sims to protect and serve. The Law Enforcement career requires peak physical conditioning, shrewd analytical abilities, and close ties with a partner.
Medical The Hospital could always use some caring Sims who have a sharp logical mind, a steady hand, and a willingness to put in long, erratic, and often inconvenient hours. Be prepared, because contributing to the wellness of others starts at the bottom of the bed pan!
Military In the military you'll have the chance to protect loved ones, and possibly even to travel to space as an astronaut. You'll need to be in top physical condition and know how to fix a thing or two. Attention, soldier!
Music Can you bring the rock, or make the strings sing with joy and inspiration? Your knowledge as a musician and your logical abilities will be put to the test, both on and off the stage.
Political The town needs strong leadership to enrich society and guide the course of the citizenry. City Hall is currently looking for charismatic individuals who know how to schmooze the right Sims for money, as well as manage upwards.
Professional Sports Running, jumping, and occasionally climbing trees for the off beat sports networks are all in the job description of the Professional Athlete. You'll need a strong attitude, chiseled physical features, and winning spirit to succeed in the league.
Science The life of science is one of irrefutable truths and a respect for nature. Gardening knowledge, as well as an insight to fishing, will take one far at the Science Facility. It also doesn't hurt to be willing to tinker... even at the risk of electrocution.
(Ambitions EP Only)
Do you want to insipre the leaders of Tomorrow? How about making a positive impact on the youth in the community? Is it payback time for all those tough teachers you had to endure? Whatever your motivation, I bet you can't argue with summers on the beach.


Icon Name Description
Bookstore Clerk Romance, adventure, and How-To books are all going to be your product of choice as an employee of the bookstore.
Grocery Store Clerk There are specials on aisles 1,5 and 6, but the most special addition to the supermarket could be you!
Day Spa Receptionist Would you like to be a Receptionist at the Day Spa?
Day Spa Specialist Every Spa needs someone who is thoroughly versed in the art of complete and utter relaxation. Can your sim succesfully impart her knowledge of the good life onto other Sims as a Spa Specialist?
Mausoleum In need of a job without the stress of working with living Sims? If so, a job at the Mausoleum may be just right for your sim.

Highest Earnings


Rank Career (Top Level) Earning per week
#1 Medical §9600
#2 Criminal - Thief §8400
#3 Professional Sports §8316
#4 Law Enforcement - Forensic Analysis §7940
#5 Journalism §7660
#6 Music - Symphonic §7220
#7 Law Enforcement - Special Agent §6816
#8 Criminal - Evil §6300
#9 Political §5710
#10 Science §5454
#11 Culinary §4200
#12 Business §2844
#13 Military §2004


Rank Parttime Job (Top Level) Earning per week
#1 Day Spa Receptionist §1320
#1 Day Spa Specialist §1320
#1 Mausoleum §1320
#2 Bookstore Clerk §1200
#2 Grocery Store Clerk §1200
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