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This page introduces you to Lunar Lakes, available at the Sims 3 Store


Welcome to Lunar Lakes

Approaching Lunar Lakes

Stranded on a foreign planet after their spaceship became disabled, the survivors utilized homeworld technology and newly-discovered crystal tech to survive at the edge of space. As the generations have progressed these intrepid Sims built roads, developed agriculture, and established a thriving colony. Where will you take their explorations next?

*All-New Gameplay Object* The Tree of Prosperity is available exclusively with Lunar Lakes and allows you to expand your game with all-new gameplay benefits. This exotic plant is made of floating crystals and changes shape throughout the day. Harvest fruit to improve skills and fulfill motives!

Buy and download it from the Sims 3 Store. The cost for the town is 2450 simpoints.


  • Explore a Unique New World - Meet new Sims, discover new locations, and experience the cosmos of Lunar Lakes!
  • Exclusive New Items - Customize your game with dozens of all-new exclusive objects and clothing that are only available in Lunar Lakes.
  • Exclusive New Locations – Lunar Lakes is full of all new locations, lots, and venues. Where will your explorations take you?
  • Discover the secrets of this strange new world by joining the Science Career and working at The Perigee, the massive spaceship that brought Sims to the planet long ago.
  • Remember the worlds that were left behind by visiting bio-dome parks that invoke the feel of Sunset Valley, Appaloosa Plains, Hidden Springs, and more.
  • Explore the Crystal Mine and discover rare rocks and gems.
  • Help the colony prosper by tending vegetables at the Community Garden.
  • Bring the little ones to have a good time at the Umbra Playground and Park.
  • All-New Sims and Stories - Stranded on an alien world your Sims must utilize the power of science to thrive! Will they create a utopian civilization, or quarrel over resources? What mysteries lie beyond the edges of the colony? Whatever the answers, one thing is certain: the Sims you meet in Lunar Lakes all have stories that are truly out of this World.
  • All New: The Tree of Prosperity – Expand your game with an all-new item that provides gameplay benefits. This exotic plant is made of floating crystals and changes shape throughout the day. Play with the Tree of Prosperity and your Sims can learn skills faster. Discover the secrets of this alien tree today!

Text above from the official Sims 3 site.

Tree of Prosperity

Tree of Prosperity

Discovered deep in the Crystal Mines of Lunar Lakes the colonists have dubbed this unusual entity “The Tree of Prosperity.” Only recently have they found a way to transport the tree and make it thrive on the planet’s surface. What secrets do the crystal fruits conceal? This exotic plant is made of floating crystals and changes shape throughout the day. Harvest fruit to improve skills and fulfill motives!

There are five known colors of trees:

  • Green: Fruit of Harvest - Gardening, Cooking, and Fishing skills
  • Blue: Fruit of Mind - Logic, Inventing, Writing and Charisma skills
  • Pink: Fruit of Body - Athletic, Martial Arts, Handiness, and Riding skills
  • Purple: Fruit of Soul - Sculpting, Painting, Guitar and Photography skills
  • Gold: Fruit of Abundance - Any skill

You will find the tree in the category Decor under Plants for § 1000.


Town Centre

The towncentre of Lunar Lakes is dominated by the big former spaceship at the base of the large crater, now turned into The Science Centre. It is surrounded by The City Hall, The Bookstore, The Police and the Nebula Corporation Headquaters. You will also find other community lots like The Community Theatre, Restaurants, The Library and several others on the plateau in front of the Science Centre.

There are several ultramodern familyhomes in between the communitylots and parks, almost 'floating' above the ground. The most notable parks are the 5 giant Bio-Dome Parks built to remember 'old neighbourhoods', Hidden Spring, Twinbrook, Sunset Valley, Riverview and Appaloosa Plains. On the road up the large crater are more community lots, all rabbit holes are the same in Lunar Lakes with warp gates as doors.


Oasis Shoreline

In this barren landscape the first survivors built roads, developed agriculture and made the planet to what it is today. They discovered crystal tech to survive and now live very comfortably in their ultramodern homes. Inside the 2 big craters are beautiful livingareas with a lake in each and lots of vegetation, typical of the planet. Beside the big plateau a road leads to a lower and larger crater, filled with water and lots of fish. Perfect for that beachparty or a picnic, The Oasis Shoreline.

If you instead follow the water canals you'll come to more residential houses and another larger swimmingpool area. There is a waterfall coming down from the smaller crater to a pond leading to another waterfall coming down to the watercanals. On the other side of the crater you'll find the Crystal Mine.

Returning Families

The Landgraab Family

Noone really knows what happened or who were on the spaceship crashing on the planet but there are several families with familiar surnames living in Lunar Lakes at this time. The Landgraab family for instans, consists of Christina Landgraab and clones of herself to make a perfect family! Here are some of the familiar names from other hoods.

  • The Sekemoto family - from Sunset Valley
  • The Landgraab family - a cloned family - from Sunset Valley
  • The Alto family - from Sunset Valley and Hidden Springs
  • The Vanderburg family - from Hidden Springs

Other Sims and Trivia

As in all the other neighbourhoods there are a number of homeless sims, NPCs, deseased sims and notable sims. The most notable deseased sim is Bella Goth, she is buried in the local cemetery.

  • If you have Sims 3 Nightlife installed, Lunar Lakes has the XML in the worldfile and some sims are preset celebrities
  • All households start with § 10.000
  • Only buildings from the basegame excists on this world so the player must add buildings like the firestation and the consignment store if they want to use them
  • At night another planet rises instead of a moon
  • The crashed disabled spaceship has been converted into the Science Lab
  • All rabbit holes except the Science Lab are 'warp-gates'


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