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Icon Moodlet Effect Duration Description How To Achieve
File:reallyhastopee.png Really Has To Pee -30 0 The bladder situation has gone from bad to worse, find a bathroom, soon! From bladder desperation


Icon Moodlet Effect Duration Description How To Achieve
File:badnightsleep.png Bad Night's Sleep -15 6 Sleeping on a cheap bed would make any sim grumpy From cheap bed
File:buzzcrashed.png Buzz Crashed -10 3 Caffeine buzzes wear off eventually, leaving a sad sim. Walk it off or have another cup From caffeine come-down
File:cryingbaby.png Crying Baby -15 Until leaving or crying stops If the baby can't be quieted, it's best to get as far away as possible. From crying baby! This will prevent sims nearby from sleeping.
File:exhausted.png Exhausted -50 0 At this level of sleep deprivation, even the floor looks like a good bed to a sim. From low energy
File:rudeawakening.png Rude Awakening -10 1 Loud noises and ruckuses will disturb sleeping sims. Keep those stereos off and the conversations somewhere else, and don't light the bedroom on fire From being awoken by noise
File:tired.png Tired -40 0 When sims get too tired, their mood begins to go south From low energy


Icon Moodlet Effect Duration Description How To Achieve
File:overworked.png Overworked -15 12 All work and no play makes it so that Sim needs to lay off putting in all that extra effort From overwork
File:strained.png Strained -15 Variable Sim could stand a few hours of fun to iron out the stress From low fun motive
File:stressedout.png Stressed Out -40 Variable Sim is in desperate need of some entertainment. The daily grind has ground the enjoyment of life to a halt From lack of fun


Icon Moodlet Effect Duration Description How To Achieve
File:starving.png Starving -80 Until fed Allowing Sims to starve is quite cruel! Get Sim some food immediately to avoid an unnecessary death. From low hunger motive
File:tasteslikefridge.png Tastes Like Fridge -10 Variable Every bite shouldn't contain flavours from everything else in the fridge. Quality fridges never have this problem! From Cheap fridge
File:unevencooking.png Uneven Cooking -10 Variable At least the left-most portion was cooked correctly... right? Maybe a nicer stove would burn better. From cheap stove
File:veryhungry.png Very Hungry -40 0 Gnawing hunger is not a good feeling for sims. Feed regularly to avoid. From low hunger motive


Icon Moodlet Effect Duration Description How To Achieve
File:coldshower.png Cold Shower -10 3 Freezing jets of water will dull any mood. Perhaps it's time to upgrade the shower... From cheap shower
File:grungy.png Grungy -5 until showering Yuck! That layer of grime growing might mean it's time for a bath or shower From low hygiene motive
File:smelly.png Smelly -10 Until showering Sims don't like to stink. More importantly, Sims don't like other sims that stick. From low hygiene motive


Icon Moodlet Effect Duration Description How To Achieve
File:betrayed.png Betrayed -50 24 Being cheated on is tough to move past. Talking in out with the other Sim would help speed the healing process From being cheated on
File:boringconversation.png Boring Conversation -5 3 Yawn! Will they ever stop talking? From socialization
File:creepedout.png Creeped Out -10 Variable Ewww! Someone sure is acting creepy! From socialization
File:desolate.png Desolate -50 0 When Sims get really, really lonely, they need to talk to somebody. Anybody. From loneliness
File:heartbroken.png Heartbroken -50 48 A broken heart is an affliction only time and tears can heal From losing a spouse
File:heartwrenchingscene.png Heart Wrenching Scene -60 Lasts until leaving Witnessing a break up it truly heart wrenching. Hopefully the two Sims can reconcile and find love elsewhere. From witnessing a break up
File:humiliated.png Humiliated -15 3 Humiliation tends to rear it's ugly head just behind the heap of insulting comments. From socials gone wrong
File:lonely.png Lonely -15 Until Sim finds company Communication is a must for Sims. A quick chat will fix things right away. From low social motive
File:lostafriend.png Lost a Friend -25 Variable The loss of a friend hurts, but can be easily rectified by giving them a call and rekindling the friendship. From relationship score dropping too low
File:missedthewedding.png Missed the Wedding -30 24 It's a bad, bad, bad idea to miss the wedding. It takes two to tango and your Sim missed the wedding. From missing the wedding
File:mourning.png Mourning -50 48 The death of a loved one affects those closest to them. Sims can mourn at a tombstone, or move it to the graveyard to feel more at peace. From losing a loved one
File:offended.png Offended -15 3 Offense, when given, will require a healthy does of time to forgive and forget. Or the dreaded apology. From inappropriate socials
File:rejectedbyex.png Rejected by Ex -20 6 Sims don't like getting rejected, especially by someone who used to like them. Sims will have less luck socializing while they stew over a rejection. From rejected social
File:rejectedfirstkiss.png Rejected First Kiss -10 6 It's sad when a Sim gets rejected for a first kiss. Very sad. A rejected Sim needs time to cool off before their social skills will be back on track. From rejection
File:rejectedproposal.png Rejected Proposal -30 6 It hurts to propose and be rejected. The good news is, that Sims can try again as many times as they like. Of course, each rejection will hurt just as much. From a rejected marriage proposal
File:rudeguest.png Rude Guest -10 4 Sims don't like it when other Sims are rude, especially house guests! From rude guests
File:witnessedbetrayal.png Witnessed Betrayal -20 6 Witnessing the romantic betrayal of a loved one is quite devastating. From seeing a family member betrayed


Icon Moodlet Effect Duration Description How To Achieve
File:anxioustoadvance.png Anxious to advance -15 0 It's been a long time since a promotion has been earned or a skill has been improved... too long. Specific to workaholic sims
File:cantstandart.png Can't stand Art -10 3 One Sim's art is another Sim's garbage. Some Sims just don't appreciate the finer things in life Specific to Can't Stand Art trait
File:dislikeschildren.png Dislikes Children -10 Until sim or child leaves Some Sims just don't find children to be adorable bundles of joy Specific to Dislikes Children trait
File:feelinganxiousaboutobject.png Feeling Anxious -15 variable Neurosis overtakes some Sims with a feeling of anxiety that can only be solved by confronting the problem head on Specific to neurotic sims.
File:feelingunlucky.png Feeling Unlucky -5 23 Today is NOT your Sim's lucky day. Nothing good can come of this Specific to Unlucky Sims
File:hydrophobic.png Hydrophobic -20 Until away from water There's just too much water for Sims to enjoy this moment Specific to hydrophobic sims
File:missingwork.png Missing Work -30 0 Workaholics don't get stressed from working, but from not working From missing work
File:plaguedbynature.png Plagued by Nature -20 0 It's often best for sims who hate the outdoors to spend as little time out there as possible. Specific to Sims who Hate the Outdoors
File:technophobia.png Technophobia -10 3 Some sims really can't stand watching TV, no matter what the channel. Specific to technophobe sims
File:toomanypeople.png Too Many People -15 0 Certain Sims may not feels too comfortable around large groups Specific to Loner Sims

Community Lots

Icon Moodlet Effect Duration Description How To Achieve
File:detention.png Detention -20 4 Aww shucks! Nobody likes spending time in detention! Teens and Children, from school detention


Icon Moodlet Effect Duration Description How To Achieve
File:creepygraveyard.png Creepy Graveyard -5 variable Graveyards are terrifying places, filled with dead bodies, the ghosts of the bodies, and fear. From visiting the graveyard
File:dirtysurroundings.png Dirty Surroundings -15 Until leaving or cleaning Garbage, filth and grime do not improve one's surroundings From garbage and dirty dishes
File:drowning.png Drowning -40 Until out of the water Sims breathe air. Anything else gets a little... suffocating. From drowning
File:filthysurroundings.png Filthy Surroundings -30 Until leaving or clearing The grime and muck is really starting to pile high. It won't be long before it starts paying rent. From messy surroundings
File:itsdark.png It's Dark -10 Until things brighten up A little light would certainly improve things. Perhaps some windows to let natural light in as well. From darkness
File:onfire.png On Fire -200 1 Contrary to popular belief, being on fire is not healthy and can lead to symptoms including panic, burns and death. Best find some water, quickly! From being on fire!
File:singed.png Singed -40 0 Fire burns quickly, but it will burn a singed Sim even faster, so avoid hot situations From Fire
Singed Electricity -40 0 Sims find it unenjoyable to be electrocuted, especially because it may stop their heart. Until this wears off, Sims should steer clear of further potentially electrifying activities From being electrocuted
File:stircrazy.png Stir Crazy -15 Until leaving the house Sims should leave the house frequently for sanity's sake. Shake with a community marinade for best results from not going out
File:unfinishedroom.png Unfinished Room -10 Until room finished or Sim leaves This room needs proper flooring and wall covering of some sort to be considered complete. From uncovered walls or floors
File:vilesurroundings.png Vile Surroundings -40 Until leaving or cleaning This room is fetid and foul. Sims were not meant to endure such a lax household cleaning philosophy. From dirty room


Icon Moodlet Effect Duration Description How To Achieve
File:achingback.png Aching Back -20 4 An aching back is quite the nagging problem. A massage would surely help. Various causes
File:caughtaftercurfew.png Caught After Curfew -15 3 It's so unfair! Why don't parent's understand? Teens and children, out past curfew
File:disgusted.png Disgusted -5 Until leaving or cleaning Revolting sights and smells will have this effect on Sims, so it's best to move them away Various, smelly, causes!
File:embarrassed.png Embarrassed -20 3 Situations like this should be avoided at all costs... they're hard to live down! various situations
File:failing.png Failing -40 18 Having to stare at a failing grade on a report card just stings. Homework completion and a good mood will improve low marks. From low grades
File:fired.png Fired -30 Variable Ouch! Getting thrown out of the workplace never feels good. Time to find a new job. From getting fired
File:horrified.png Horrified -35 8 Terrible things have been seen underneath the mausoleum. Explorers beware! From exploring the catacombs
Itchy -15 4 There's just no way to scratch the cursed itch! From allergies
File:nauseous.png Nauseous -25 2 Sim isn't feeling so hot. You may want to keep her around a bathroom Various causes
File:scared.png Scared -25 3 Scaredy-cats are scared of pretty much everything, but they really show it when their life flashes before their eyes. From being scared
File:sore.png Sore -10 6 Sims may occasionally feel a little pain, but the results are usually worth it. Sometimes a massage can help... From working out
File:stufftaken.png Stuff taken -15 24 Sims really like their stuff and when someone grabs it, they take it quite personally. From visit from the Repoman
File:tiredfrommoving.png Tired from Moving -10 6 It's been a long day, but it's good to be home and settled in. From moving home
File:wastedfood.png Wasted Food -5 Variable Don't throw away good food! There are starving children in Strangetown! From throwing away good food


Icon Moodlet Effect Duration Description How To Achieve
File:badreception.png Bad Reception -10 Variable Cheap television sets don't always provide the most pristine picture From Cheap TV
File:virtuallyterrified.png Virtually Terrified -25 3 Yikes! That snaggle#toothed monster looked far more realistic than expected. Who knew monster breath would be so... fragrant... in virtual reality? From the VR Goggles
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