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Icon Moodlet Effect Duration Description How To Achieve
File:hadanicenap.png Had a Nice nap +10 5 Having a great, refreshing nap may be just enough to hold back the onset of sleep. Select the bed and choose "Nap"
File:wellrested.png Well Rested variable on the bed variable It's easy to wake up on the right side of the bed when you get plenty of time in the bed From a good night's sleep


Icon Moodlet Effect Duration Description How To Achieve
File:entertained.png Entertained +25 Variable Sim is entertained From having fun
File:havingablast.png Having a Blast +40 Variable Sim is having so much fun, it's almost criminal From having a good time


Icon Moodlet Effect Duration Description How To Achieve
File:buzzed.png Buzzed +30 3 Caffeine can really wake a sim. Use this time wisely, because after the high comes the low... From drinking coffee.
File:divinemeal.png Divine Meal +75 168 Sim has experience a meal so exquisite, so divine, that it defies description Eat ambrosia
File:goodmeal.png Good/Great/Amazing Meal Variable on Cooking Skill Variable Yummy! Sim enjoyed that meal more than the standard fayre. The higher the cooking skill, the better the ingredients, the better the meal


Icon Moodlet Effect Duration Description How To Achieve
File:attractive.png Attractive +10 Variable When a Sim looks this good, it's difficult for others not to notice. Wowza! From gussying up
File:ducktime.png Duck Time +15 5 Rubber duckies make hygienic cleansing fun. Buy a rubber duck from the supermarket, and place on the tub for bath time fun!
File:exhilaratingshower.png Exhilarating Shower +20 4 It makes sense that if a Sim uses quality plumbing, they get quality showers. From using an expensive shower
File:iambeautiful.png I Am Beautiful +10 4 Recognizing beauty, even one's own, is just a benefit of vanity. From Gussy Up
File:mintybreath.png Minty Breath +5 4 Sims love to be around those with Minty Breath. It sure beats the alternative. Brush teeth at any sink
File:squeakyclean.png Squeaky Clean +10 5 Experience the clean sensation of practicing personal hygiene. From bathing or showering.
File:tranquil.png Tranquil +10 8 Nothing can stress a sim who has reached their happy place. Buy some bubble bath and your sim can bathe until tranquil. Neurotic sims also feel tranquil after Freaking Out.


Icon Moodlet Effect Duration Description How To Achieve
File:awesomeparty.png Awesome Party +20 3 Party plus Party Animal usually equals Awesome party. It's simply maths From throwing a great party
File:calmeddown.png Calmed Down +15 3 Sometime all and Angry Sim needs is an understanding voice to help get them through a bad mood. When an angry sim has soothed their anger
File:celebratedbirthday.png Celebrated Birthday +40 24 Birthday parties are the best! From having a birthday party
File:celebrity.png Celebrity +30 Variable Sims love being recognised by their fans. Celebrity status is so cool! From public recognition on higher career levels
File:cheeredup.png Cheered Up +15 3 Gobs of Sobs are stopped by the kind words of others. From socialisation
File:comforted.png Comforted +15 3 A cry on the shoulder helps the sadness go away. From using the "cry on shoulder" interaction with another Sim.
File:fatherofthebride.png Father of the Bride +40 24 Seeing a daughter get married makes a father proud. From daughter getting married
File:fatherofthegroom.png Father of the Groom +40 24 Seeing a son get married makes a father proud. From daughter getting married
File:firstkiss.png First Kiss +40 24 A Sim's first kiss can leave them glowing for a long time From first kiss
File:firstromance.png First Romance +40 48 Love has bloomed for the first time. Could this be the real thing? From falling in love
File:flattered.png Flattered +10 Variable Compliments are quite flattering From receiving a compliment or praise.
File:greatkiss.png Great Kiss +15 3 Great Kissers give amazing smooches. From kissing a sim with the Great Kisser Trait
File:hilariousconversation.png Hilarious Conversation +10 Variable Some Sims should be stand up comedians with the humour they're dishing out. From jokes
File:intrigued.png Intrigued +10 Variable Juicy Gossip satisfies eager ears! From gossiping
File:justmarried.png Just Married +50 48 Sims always enjoy the joyful period following the marriage. Let's hope the love lasts! From getting married
File:letoffsteam.png Let Off Steam +10 Variable Having a Friendly ear to complain to helps when you need to vent From complaining
File:motherofthebride.png Mother of the Bride +40 24 Seeing a daughter get married makes a mother proud. From daughter getting married
File:motherofthegroom.png Mother of the Groom +40 24 Seeing a son get married makes a mother proud. From son getting married
File:mylove.png My Love! +20 Variable Sims in love swoon and flutter about like fools oblivious to the world around them From falling in love
File:newfriend.png New Friend +20 8 Meeting someone new and hitting it off well enough to call them a friend is spiffy! From making a new friend
File:newlyengaged.png Newly Engaged +50 24 With a ring on the finger, vows and true love forever aren't far behind From getting engaged
File:threagreatparty.png Threw a great party +30 24 Sims love a great party, and the host who throws them. From having a great party
File:thelifeoftheparty.png The Life of the Party +15 3 Not only do party animals love to party, but other Sims love to party with them! Wooo! Having a great party!
File:weddingday.png Wedding Day +40 24 Sims love to celebrate this incredibly important day with a party... just make sure everything goes to plan. From getting married
File:winner.png Winner! +25 8 Sims never tire of the thrill of victory From winning a game


Icon Moodlet Effect Duration Description How To Achieve
File:adrenalinerush.png Adrenaline Rush +15 3 An Adrenaline Rush will keep this Sim pumped and running around everywhere for some time to come! From being daring
File:brightenedday.png Brightened Day +10 3 Good sims know exactly what to say to make someone's day better. Good sims have the special social to Brighten Day, which causes this moodlet.
File:cuddletime.png Cuddle Time +20 5 Teddy bears make excellent sleeping companions. Add a teddy to the inventory of a toddler, child, or a Sim of any age with the childish trait, before bedtime.
File:enjoyingsolitude.png Enjoying Solitude +15 0 Introverted sims like it best at times when others completely and utterly stay away. Loner Sims receive this when alone.
File:excited.png Excited +15 3 Excitable Sims tend to get, well, excited. Specific to Excitable trait
File:fascinated.png Fascinated +10 2 Some Sims take joy in things ordinary sims might otherwise overlook. Trait dependent, but from something fascinating
File:feelinglucky.png Feeling Lucky +5 23 Today is Sim's lucky day. Who knows what good will happen? If a Lucky sims gets at least 4 hours uninterrupted sleep, they have a chance of getting the Feeling Lucky moodlet
File:feelingcalm.png Feeling Calm +15 Variable It turns out it was just anxiety getting the best of your Sim. The object wasn't left turned on, and impending disater wasn't looming. But, double checking helps to calm the anxiety. Neurotic Sims can check cookers and sinks to help calm their worries.
File:fiendishdelight.png Fiendishly Delighted +15 6 Sims of the Evil persuasion take pleasure in the misfortune of others. Specific to Evil Sims
File:gotagooddeal.png Got a Good Deal +10 8 Saving a few simoleans is pure satisfaction! Specific to Frugal Sims
File:likeswork.png Likes Work +10 0 Work isn't quite the daily grind for everyone. Bring on the overtime. Workaholic sims love working!
File:onewithnature.png One With Nature +20 Variable Outdoorsims find themselves quite happy when not tucked away indoors Sims with the Loves the Outdoors trait get this from being outside
File:returnedstolenproperty.png Returned Stolen Property +15 8 Kleptos enjoy returning things even more than... ending up with them. After all, it's more difficult to do the right thing, even when it follows the wrong thing. Return stolen items via the mailbox

Community Lots

Icon Moodlet Effect Duration Description How To Achieve
File:beautifulview.png Beautiful Park Trait-dependent variable The money City Hall put into this park was well spent! Swing sets, slides and jungle gyms, oh my! From a Beautiful Community Lot
File:educated.png Educated +10 Variable Exploring the Local Halls of Culture and Learning may teach even the most studious individual a thing or two. From touring the theatre
File:heardtheatremusic.png Heard Theatre Music +10 Variable Music pulsing from the inside of the theatre sounds awesome. Perhaps tickets are still available? Your Sim can attend concerts at the Wilsonoff Community theatre (check times)
File:honorstudent.png Honor Student +25 24 Hard work and a nose to the books pays off with the satisfactory acceptance into the Honor Roll. Teens and children can make it onto the honor roll at school
File:impressed.png Impressed +10 0 Touring public place sometimes reveals unexpected and impressive sites Touring Community lots such as the Theatre
File:fitatmosphere.png Fit atmosphere variable While Sim is in the gym Exercising at the gym improves the quality of the workout From visiting the gym
File:sawgreatconcert.png Saw Great Concert +25 16 Sims unanimously agree that experiencing a concert is well worth the potential inner-ear damage From seeing a great concert
File:sawgreatgame.png Saw Great Game +20 16 The fans are rowdy, the food is messy, but when combined with a sports game, it's an experience Sims love! From attending a game at the athletics stadium
File:sawgreatmovie.png Saw Great Movie +10 16 Sims have a special place in their hearts for movies on the silver screen, and a special place in their stomachs for the buttery popcorn. Sims can view a movie at the Wilsonoff Community Theatre
File:sawgreatplay.png Saw Great Play +25 16 Sims love to watch people on stage doing funny and unexpected things right before their eyes. Sometimes they get the strangest feeling of deja-vu. From seeing a great play
File:sawgreatsymphony.png Saw Great Symphony +30 16 A Feast for the ears. Sims devour the mellifluous melodies of symphonies with jubilee From seeing a symphony
File:sweetvenueparty.png Sweet Venue/Party +15 Variable The choice in venue for this party is excellent. It sure beats the standard house party. From a party at a community lot


Icon Moodlet Effect Duration Description How To Achieve
File:Completelyatease.png Completely At Ease +20-75 7 Days - Select "Package" at the Day Spa menu. The more you pay, the higher the mood boost.
File:nicenails.png Nice Nails +5-15 2 Days - Select "Salon" at the Day Spa menu. The more you pay, the higher the mood boost.
File:relaxed.png Relaxed +25-75 12 Hours - Select "Massage" at the Day Spa menu. The more you pay, the higher the mood boost.
File:rejuvinated.png Rejuvenated +30-100 24 Hours - Select "Body Treatment" at the Day Spa menu. The more you pay, the higher the mood boost.
File:smoothskin.png Smooth Skin +10-30 - - Select "Facial" at the Day Spa menu. The more you pay, the higher the mood boost.


Icon Moodlet Effect Duration Description How To Achieve
File:beautifullydecorated.png Beautifully Decorated +4 Lasts as long as the sim is in the room Rooms adorned by the most expensive sculptures and paintings improve life dramatically. From high environment score
File:beautifulview.png Beautiful View Trait-dependent variable Would you look at that view! From a Beautiful Lot
File:beautifulvista.png Beautiful Vista Trait-dependent variable This... house... is... incredible! Somebody really knows how to live! From a Beautiful Lot
File:comfy.png Comfy Variable on the quality of the chair Variable Nothing beats a good seat for comfort, except perhaps a better seat. From sitting in a comfy chair
File:cozyfire.png Cozy Fire +15 5 Sims enjoy the arm cheery glow of their fireplaces... poke them for extra warmth! Light the fire, or place a Flame Fruit in your inventory.
File:decorated.png Decorated +10 Lasts as long as the Sim is in the room Sims enjoy well furnished homes. By the looks of things, this place isn't so bad. From high environment score
File:enjoyingmusic.png Enjoying Music Based on music preference variable It's hard not to enjoy a beat this solid From listening to music
File:beautifulview.png Lovely Pool +15 - The pool is so clean and pristine. Chlorine sure works wonders! Beautiful Lot
File:newcarsmell.png New Car Smell +10 2 Ah, that new car smell is so factory fresh! From purchasing a new car, found under Outdoor in Buy Mode
File:nicelydecorated.png Nicely Decorated +25 As long as the sim is in the room Well designed decor stands out in a good way and tends to make everyone happier From high environment score
File:warmed.png Warmed +25 3 There is nothing like the feeling of a warm flame to makes sims happy From fireplace


Icon Moodlet Effect Duration Description How To Achieve
File:inspired.png Inspired +15 4 A genuine and original work of art can inpire and render viewers speechless upon experiencing. From Viewing Art
File:oddlypowerful.png Oddly Powerful +15 5 The feeling of power is... intense! Science has bestowed Super Sim capabilities! Sims in the science career may get the chance to be lab rats!
File:fulfilled.png Fulfilled +15 6 The satisfaction of having a wish come to fruition feels great! From completing a promised wish.
File:freshstart.png Fresh Start +15 24 Moving into a new location provides a clean slate many dream of! From moving home. Sims can move home via the phone or PC.
File:outaftercurfew.png Out after curfew! +15 Variable Being out after curfew is totally radical. Children and teens should be home by a certain time. Being out later is great, but watch out!
File:pumped.png Pumped +15 4 If sims work out long enough, they get Pumped. Workouts are even more effective while Sims are pumped. From working out, either on work out equipment or the TV
File:sugarrush.png Sugar Rush +15 Variable Filling up on sugary goodness makes everything more fun. From drinking juice
File:newstuff.png New Stuff! +20 2 Sims love getting new things for their homes! From buying new objects
File:newhome.png New Home +20 24 It's a new place to call home! From moving house
File:readamasterpiece.png Read a Masterpiece +20 24 Turning the last page of a masterpiece is like falling in love... it's a beautiful thing From reading a masterpiece novel
File:superiorequipment.png Superior equipment +30 Lasts as long as sim is near the object Food made with top of the line equipment just has that superior flavour. From the culinary reward object


Icon Moodlet Effect Duration Description How To Achieve
File:pristinepicture.png Pristine Picture +15 Variable The pixels are dancing daintily on the television, perfectly in harmony within the highest resolutions money can buy. More expensive TVs give better pictures
File:greatadventure.png Great Adventure +20 3 Sim had such an amazing time! How could this adventure possibly be topped? From VR Goggles
File:iamthegreatest.png I am the greatest! +25 8 It doesn't really matter how you got there, Being at the top means being at the top; you are the best! From VR Goggles
File:virtuallyvictorious.png Virtually Victorious +25 8 Success! Sims love the (virtual) taste and smell of (virtual) victory. From VR Goggles


Icon Moodlet Effect Duration Description How To Achieve
File:itsaboy.png It's a Boy! +80 24 Bouncing baby boys are delightful additions to any family From having a baby boy
File:itsagirl.png It's a Girl! +80 24 Gurgling baby girls are delightful additions to any family From having a baby girl
File:itstriplets.png It's Triplets! +80 24 Three babies! Hope your Sims wanted a big family From having triplets
File:itstwins.png It's Twins! +80 24 Wow, your Sims were lucky enough to have twins. Double trouble! From having a baby
File:pregnant.png Pregnant +20 Until birth The wonder of creating new life makes pregnancy an exciting time for most sims From being pregnant
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