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This page introduces you to Starlight Shores, the new town included in the 6th Expansion Pack Showtime.


Welcome to Starlight Shores

Approaching Starlight Shores

Founded by monks over 300 years ago, the city known today as Starlight Shores has always attracted Sims on a mission! Aspiring singers, musicians, and other performers make pilgrimages here looking for their big breaks--with its beautiful coastal setting, unique local culture, and eclectic and array of entertainment venues, performance competitions, and concerts--the city draws large crowds from all corners of the world. Many famous careers have been launched here, and new stars are being discovered every day. Who will be the next unknown Sim with the talent, passion, and determination to take them from rags to riches and make their dreams come true?

Make your rise to fame in The Sims 3™ Showtime and live out the rags to riches story with your Sims as a singer, acrobat, magician… and moonlight as a DJ. New, optional online features allow you to connect with friends, and share your big moments through in-game messaging.


  • Venture into the new world of Starlight Shores and play out a rags-to-riches story with your Sims as they become superstar singers, acrobats, and magicians, or even moonlight as a DJ.
  • Watch your Sims rise to fame as they perform on stage in front of cheering crowds in all new venues.
  • Customize your stages with props, light, backgrounds, and special effects and see your Sims perform in sold-out arenas and in front of packed crowds.
  • On your way to the top, give your Sims a break and play a round of classic eight ball on the new Pool Table or see how long they can stay in the saddle on the Mechanical Bull.
  • New connected features allow you to share your big moments and connect with friends and fans of The Sims like never before. Using the all-new optional SimPort feature, send your Sim on tour to perform in your friend’s world.

Text above from the official Sims 3 site and game.



As usual you'll find the larger buildings right in the towncentre. Starlight Shores is not a big town, only a main street, Los Sueños Strip, and a few sidestreets makes the whole town. Along the main street you have from the left, the Local School, the Library, the Town Hall and the Hospital. After that comes the Hoi Polloi Event Center, the Business Centre, the Art Gallery and the large Event hall, clubs, restaurants and finally the Gym and the Sport Center on the right.

You will also find a Fire Station if you have Ambitions installed, a Spa with a Bookstore in the same building and some other places like the local Cemetery and the Langraab Sell'n Swop. There are also a few parks with the biggest, Verde Park, just south of the main street. This is one place of many your sim can perform on a stage when he/she is persuing a performing career.


At the Beach

Surrounding the town on 3 sides are high mountains and a large beach and coastline with cliffs on the fourth side. Along the beach/cliffside are some expensive homes with lovely views over the ocean. On the actual beach you'll find the Delmar Beach community lot with lots of stuff for your sims to enjoy when on a day out on the beach.

There are several fishing spots on the outskirts of town and if you have Pets installed there will be an Equestrian Center placed on one of the lots. On the outskirts on the left side of town you have the local Cemetery and a junk yard.

New Careers

There are 3 new careers in Showtime, all performing careers. All of them can be started through a newspaper or a computer. Make sure your sim wears his/hers career uniform when doing jobs in the all the performing careers or it might not work.



Athletic sims with a desire to perform can show off their dexterity as an Acrobat. Early on, Acrobats can perform acts such as mime and juggling for tips at any community lot. Up-and-coming Acrobats will be able to join SimFests and audition for gigs at pregressively bigger and better venues. Find the Proprietor's Map Tag and click on it to interact with the Proprietor. Show them what you got and you might get a gig!

Acrobats need to reach a certain level in order to get gigs in special venues. The higher the Sims's career level is, the greater the chance of a successful audition.

  • Performer's Level 2 - Big Park for Acrobats/Magicians - Sing-A-Gram (for singers)
  • Performer's Level 3 - Coffeehouse
  • Performer's Level 5 - Live Show Venues
  • Performer's Level 7 - Private Venues
  • Performer's Level 8 - Big Show Venues

Be sure to set up your stage prior to each show. Better stages improve your performance. Higher level acrobats can further impress audiences with the Balance Ball and the Giant Ring od Fire. Acrobats at the peak of their career will have the opportunity to perform at arena-sized venues, giving them the chance to dazzle even larger audiences.


Brave Sims who love the mysterious can perform illusions and daring escapes as a Magician. Starting ou, Magicians can perform street magic for tips at any community lot. Magicians on the rise will be able to join SimFests and auditions for gigs at progressively bigger and better venues. As with the Acrobat career let your sim perform for the proprietor and he/she might get a gig! Higher level Magicians can further amaze audiences with the Box of Danger and the Box of Mystery.


Aspiring Singer

Vocally talented Sims with a passion for the spotlight can work their way up to superstar status as a Singer! When first starting out, Sing-A-Gram jobs will appear in Map view for your Singer. Perform the job from the selected map tag. Once on the lot, find the recipient Sim and perform the specifically ordered Sing-A-Gram. Beginning Singers can also perform for tips as the other performing careers. Buy a guitar and let you Sim perform like a rockstar with the best songs. Also don't forget to let your Sim promote him/herself by talking about their vocal skills.

As your Singer Sim advances don't forget to find the Proprietor's Map tag and click on it to interact with him to perform to get bigger gigs! Finally when singers are at their peak of the career they have the opportunity to perform at the arena-sized venues in front of a crowd of adoring fans.

Setting up the stage

At the beginning of each show, your Sim has the option of creating and customizing the stage setting to fit the mood of their show. Click on the stage shortly before it's time for the show to start and select 'Create a Custom Setup' from the piemenu to launch stage setup mode. While in this mode, you can buy and place items from the Stage Props category or place previously purchased props from the family inventory. Placing props from the Stage Prps category will purchase the props and place it in the family inventory once the show is over.

Select the Live Mode button when you are ready to start the show. If you like the setup you've created, save it for next time! Saving a stage layout can save time for your Sim's next show by remembering the placement of props and auto-placing them from the family inventory.

Send a Sim to a Friend

Send a Sim via the SimPort
Magician Tour Stops

A new feature in Showtime is the SimPort which you can use to send your sim to perform in your friends' worlds or host a Sim from their worlds. For this to work you need to be online when playing your game. Your Sims will come back with plenty to talk about and they'll have earned Simoleons, Lifetime Happiness and some career experience while they were away! You can request that your friends host your Sims via the SimPort book. Click on any of the Tour Stop squares on one of the career pages to send a request to your friends.

You can also send your Sim by clicking 'Send a Sim' on the Home Page or by clicking 'Accept' on one of the Tour Requests sent to you by your friends. If your friend accepts your request to host your Sim and manage to make it to your show, you will complete a Tour Stop! You will be rewarded with a stamp in your SimPort Book, along with everything else your Sim brings home. Collect all of the stamps on any Career page to unlock cool stage objects and outfits!

You can continue to send your Sims on tour and earn rewards for any Tour Stop, even if you have already earned the stamp. You can have a maximum of four Sending Sim Tour Requests at once, across all of your saved games. Click on a Sim's avatar on the SimPort homepage to cancel an active Tour Request and free up a tour spot.

There are some conditions that may prevent you from creating a Sending Sim Tour Request. You cannot create a new request if you don't have at least two adult Sims in your household; if your Sim isn't at a high enough level in one of the Performance Careers; or if your Sim has returned from a tour, but you don't yet know if your friend made it to the show.

Once you have successfully created a Tour Request, your touring Sim will leave in a taxi or limo, depending on their career level. The Sim will be greyed out in the skewer and will return after 12 Sim hours. In most cases you will need to wait and see if your friend made it to the show before you can earn a stamp and all of the rewards, even if your Sim has returned. Keep en eye out for updates about what happened at your Sim's show! These only show up if your friend made it to the show at the same time that you are logged in and playing your game.

Returning Family and other sims

There is one returning family in Starligt Shores, the Worthington Family who appeared in Pets for console. As usual there are a few homeles sims, deceased sims and NPCs in town.

A few of the homeless sims:

  • Shane Nugen
  • Jesse Lu
  • Jared Ghee
  • Faylene Landrey
  • Simon Hodges
  • Clarisse Eastin


  • Starlight Shores is set as a South California town, like Hollywood as the town has a big sign overlooking it.
  • There are new rabbitholes in town and if you have Ambition installed four lots will be replaced with Barney's Salon and Tattoo, Landgraab Sell n' Swap, Community Fire Department and Grady's Junkstop.
  • If Pets is installed a big lot will be replaced with JRA International Equestrian Center.


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