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Probably the most important thing about building a Sim in TS3 is the traits. Here you can make up your Sims personality to make them who they are and what their likes and dislikes are. When you Create a Sim this will be the last thing on the list of building your Sim. This will determine what their lifetime wish will be. With the traits generated you will be given a list of possible lifetime wishes.

Sims in game play, like a child, will get their traits as they grow. When they are born they are given a couple of traits to begin with. If your Sim is a good parent, once they reach the toddler stage, you will be allowed to choose another trait. However, if you are a bad parent the game will choose the trait for you. Then on into childhood and teen years if they remain good students and well adjusted, the same applies, you choose. But... if not, the game will choose them for you. So take care when raising Sims children or you could end up with an evil kleptomaniac!

New Traits by Expansion Pack

File:Icontiny.png World Adventures: Adventurous, Disciplined, Photographer's Eye
File:AmbitionsIconTiny.png Ambitions: Born Salesman, Dramatic, Eccentric, Eco-Friendly, Perceptive, Savvy Sculptor
File:Latenighttinylogo.png Late Night: Shy, Star Quality
File:Generationstiny.png Generations: Nurturing, Rebellious
File:Petsicon.jpg Pets: Animal Lover, Cat Person, Dog Person, Equestrian
File:Showtimeicontiny.png Showtime: Diva, Natural Born Performer, Social Butterfly

Trait Listing and Benefits

Icon Trait Benefits Description
File:absentminded_59.pngAbsent MindedNone. This trait has a Sim forget what they're doing or where they're going.
(World Adventures)
Quicker turnaround for trips and increased Visa points, plus positive moodlet while on vacation. Adventurous Sims enjoy travelling and exploration more than other Sims, are able to go on new trips sooner, and improve their Visa levels more quickly.
File:ambitious_59.pngAmbitiousThese Sims obviously will enjoy Work. This trait has your Sim wanting to be successful, but very quickly.
File:angler_59.pngAnglerThese Sims will be very good at the Fishing Skill.This trait will have your Sim catching better fish more quickly than other Sims.
File:aimallover_59.pngAnimal Lover
Animal Lovers will build ralationships with animals faster than other Sims. Sims with the Animal Lover trait love all members of the animal kingdom and have special benefits when interacting with pets.
File:artistic_59.pngArtisticThese Sims will gain the Painting Skill faster than other Sims. This trait makes your Sim a natural at being an Artist.
File:athletic_59.pngAthleticThis Sim will be better at Athletics than most.This trait will make your Sim the best in town at athletic endeavors.
File:bookworm_59.pngBookwormThis Sim will be better at reading and writing, gaining fun from doing either. This trait makes your Sim a better reader than most, and they usually benefit from writing faster.
File:bornsalesman_59.pngBorn Salesman
Increased reputation gain and higher income from sold items.Not only do Born Salesmen often sell their wares for more money than other Sims, they know the importance of a good reputation, and can quickly build one at a Consignment Store.
File:brave_59.pngBraveThese Sims are the ones who make better careers from the Military or Law enforcement. This trait will have your Sim Fighting Burglars and putting out fires with panicking. They just do it.
File:cantstandart_59.pngCan't Stand ArtNone.This trait means your Sim will never be artistic. They hate art, they even hate looking at it.
File:catperson_59.pngCat Person
Cat Lovers will build relationships with cats much quicker and even prefer to socialise with cats over other Sims. Sims with the Cat Person trait are happiest when they are surrounded by a multitudes of felines.
File:charismatic_59.pngCharismaticThese Sims fare well in Politics and often do well in most any conversation. This trait makes your Sim a socialite who can usually find the perfect thing to say to another Sim.
File:childish_59.pngChildishThese Sims benefit from having toys around. They can even play with the toys into adulthood.This trait keeps your Sim from acting their "age". They need to be constantly entertained.
File:clumsy_59.pngClumsyNone.This trait has your Sim messing things up with a clumsy slip of…Well everything.
File:commitmentissues_59.pngCommitment IssuesNone. This trait obviously means your Sim will never commit to marriage or family.
File:computerwhiz_59.pngComputer WhizThese Sims will have the "Hack" interaction unlocked. They get great pleasure from computer games.This trait can earn your Sim outside revenue with the Hack Interaction. They love computers and anything to do with them.
File:couchpotato_59.pngCouch PotatoThese Sims can easily have fun Watching TV and just sitting in a comfy spot.This trait gives your Sim great pleasure just sitting and doing nothing.
File:coward_59.pngCowardNone.This trait will have your Sim staying away from Graveyards and things that go bump in the night. They are often known to faint at the slightest hint of a bad situation.
File:daredevil_59.pngDaredevilThese Sims will never Burn to Death and run to put out fires.This trait has your Sim in love with fires. They take everyday life to extremes.
(World Adventures)
Martial Arts learned much quicker plus more chance of a win when sparring.Disciplined Sims do not fool around. they have the dedication and perseverance to become the best martial artists in town.
File:dislikeschildren_59.pngDislikes ChildrenNone.This trait makes your Sim never want to have, be around, play with or otherwise look at Children. It puts them in a bad mood.
File:Diva_59.pngDiva (Showtime)Excellent Singers.Divas make great singing performers. They have some unique interactions such as the ability to compliment themselves and request compliments from others. They slap hard too!
File:dogperson_59.pngDog Person
Dog Lovers will build relationships with dogs much quicker and even prefer to socialise with dogs over other Sims.Sims with the Dog Person trait have an extra special relationship with their dogs.
Can "Fake Passing Out", is more likely to break up during an argument and will slap any Sim that insults them. Every life situations deeply stir the imagination, emotions and reactions of Dramatic Sims.
File:easilyimpressed_59.pngEasily ImpressedThese Sims are always happy with Social Interactions.This trait has your Sim happy over the smallest of accomplishments and everyday tasks.
Faster at creating inventions and higher success rate when making improved Widgets. Eccentric Sims have a natural ability when it comes to inventing crazy gizmos and whachamacallits.
Happy to car share but rides a bike by default. Only eats Bio Food. Takes shorter showers.Eco-Friendly Sims prefer a lifestyle of energy conservation, recycling and sustainable eating.
File:Equestrian 59.pngEquestrian
Equestrian Sims will build relationships with horses faster, can train them quicker and have better handling skills than other Sims. Equestrian Sims love their horses, and horses love them back! The mutual equine affection makes these Sims naturals at handling and training horses.
File:evil_59.pngEvilThese Sims are never scared of the dark and take great pleasure in another Sims misfortune. This trait is just that. Evil. Your Sim will stay away from any goodness anywhere.
File:excitable_59.pngExcitableThese Sims get positive moodlets from the little things in life.This trait has your Sim getting excited about well...Everything. From dates to catching a fish.
File:familyoriented_59.pngFamily OrientedThese Sims Have better Family relationships than most. They can teach Toddler tasks much easier than other Sims.This trait will have your Sim wanting a rather large Family. It helps them within the family structure to become a good parent.
File:flirty_59.pngFlirtyThese Sims can give massages with better effects and do very well with Romantic endeavors.This trait will have your Sim constantly looking for romantic interests.
File:friendly_59.pngFriendlyThese Sims have an easier time making friends.This trait has your Sim smiling a lot and quickly making friends.
File:frugal_59.pngFrugalThese Sims get coupon related offers and deals from the newspaper.This trait will have your Sim clipping coupons and making deals. They love a bargain and hate expensive objects.
File:genius_59.pngGeniusThese Sims do well in the Science, Medical, and Law enforcement Careers. They learn the Logic skill much faster.This trait will make your Sim a brilliant thinker who loves to use his/her mind.
File:good_59.pngGoodThese Sims can give comfort to a Sim with a negative moodlet. They always see the good in everyone and everything.This trait will have your Sim going out of their way to help the needy, including donating to Charities.
File:goodsenseofhumor_59.pngGood Sense of HumorThese Sims tell great Jokes.This trait makes your Sim a good story teller and Joke Teller. They can even impact someone with No sense of humor.
File:greatkisser_59.pngGreat KisserThese Sims kisses have a greater impact and are more widely accepted by other Sims.This trait will have your Sim leaving a lasting impression once a kiss has been given. The memory of the kiss will linger for the other Sim.
File:greenthumb_59.pngGreen ThumbThese Sims start off with the Gardening Skill book in their inventory. They learn Gardening Skills Faster.This trait gives your Sim comfort at keeping a Garden. They are good Gardeners and learn to grow better produce faster.
File:grumpy_59.pngGrumpyNone.This trait will give your Sim a bad mood. Your Sim will rarely be happy, in fact this Sim doesn't want to be happy.
File:handy_59.pngHandyThese Sims start off with the Handy Skill book in their inventory. They learn to repair things about the house more quickly.With this trait your Sim will love to tinker and be very good at fixing household items.
File:hatestheoutdoors_59.pngHates the OutdoorsNone.With this trait your Sim will hate being outdoors. They cannot be outdoors more than a few minutes.
File:heavysleeper_59.pngHeavy SleeperThese Sims don't wake up with any noises in the house.With this trait chances are your Sim will snore. They won't wake up even through alarms.
File:hopelessromantic_59.pngHopeless RomanticThese Sims love being in the same room with Romantic Interests.With this trait your Sim will want to read Romance Novels. They will be looking for their one true love.
File:hotheaded_59.pngHot HeadedNone.With this trait your Sim will quickly get angry. They will go int a rage over the slightest things.
File:hydrophobic_59.pngHydrophobicNone.With this trait your Sim will not want to swim. They will have negative moodlets from just being around the pool.
File:imappropriate_59.pngInappropriateThese Sims enjoy rummaging other people's trash.With this trait your Sim will talk about the wrong things, enjoy wearing inappropriate attire, and never think to apologize.
File:insane_59.pngInsaneThese Sims are not frightened by ghosts. Ever.With this trait your Sim will be unpredictable. They will do what they want when they want because…they're insane.
File:kleptomaniac_59.pngKleptomaniacNone.With this trait your Sim will have the urge to "Borrow" other Sims possessions.
File:lightsleeper_59.pngLight SleeperThese Sims will wake up when a burglar arrives.With this trait your Sim will not sleep well and toss and turn all night. They will wake up at the slightest noise.
File:loner_59.pngLonerThese Sims enjoy being by themselves. All the time.With this trait your Sim will be quiet and shy. They will enjoy their time alone and not mind no socialization with other Sims.
File:loser_59.pngLoserThese Sims enjoy winning games more than other Sims…when they can win.With this trait your Sim will fail in life often. From school to career, they will not get ahead quickly.
File:lovestheoutdoors_59.pngLoves the OutdoorsThese Sims get great moodlets when fishing or just being outdoors.With this trait your Sim will find a a kindred with nature and enjoy every minute they can be outside.
File:lucky_59.pngLuckyThese Sims have a better chance of getting raise and not having misfortunes such as fires in their lives.With this trait your Sim will be lucky in their life, winning, and winning lots.
File:meanspirited_59.pngMean SpiritedThese Sims like enemies and win fights.With this trait your Sim will want to fight, they love to fight. They love enemies and take pride in every new enemy they make.
File:mooch_59.pngMoochThese Sims can get Simoleans and Free food from other Sims!With this trait your Sim will be able to mooch items from neighbors.
File:NaturalBornPerformer_59.pngNatural Born PerformerQuick learnersThese Sims are born to be on a stage or in front of an audience. They are quick to learn the skills of their chosen careers.
File:naturalcook_59.pngNatural CookThese Sims obviously learn the Cooking Skill Faster. They start off with a Cooking Skill book in their inventory.With this trait your Sim will be able to improve any dish they make to make it a notch better than others.
File:neat_59.pngNeatThese Sims will clean up the house automatically.With this trait your Sim will always want to clean and can't stand filth in the room.
File:neurotic_59.pngNeuroticThese Sims have a Freak Out interaction which gives them a mood boost.With this trait your Sim will become stressed easily and can have a hard time calming down.
File:nevernude_59.pngNever NudeNone.With this trait your Sim will be very modest about their body. They will even shower with a swimsuit on.
File:nosenseofhumor_59.pngNo Sense of HumorNone.With this trait your Sim will tell terrible jokes so best not to tell them. They rarely find a joke funny from another Sim.
Discipline children more effectively. More effective at socializing with Children and Teens.Nurturing Sims are great with Teens and Children. They understand the joys and difficulties of growing up and are instinctively well prepared to take care of them.
File:overemotional_59.pngOver EmotionalThese Sims get extra mood boosts from positive things that happen to them.With this trait your Sim will have mood swings. They constantly cry when things are joyous, even just little things.
File:partyanimal_59.pngParty AnimalThese Sims will have guests at their parties whether they know the other Sims or not.With this trait your Sim will love to party and other Sims will love to party with them.
Higher success rate on stakeouts. Higher earnings from successful Investigator assignments.Perceptive Sims make keen Investigators. Their ability to investigate and stakeout potential criminals is bar none!.
File:perfectionist_59.pngPerfectionistThese Sims have more of a chance to have make better quality in anything they try to do.With this trait your Sim will strive for perfection and achieve it taking longer to do tasks than normal. After all, It must be perfect, Right?
File:photographerseye_59.pngPhotographer's Eye
(World Adventures)
Higher value photos and quicker skill gain.Sims with the Photographer's Eye naturally learn photography more quickly than other Sims and tend to earn more Simoleons for the photos they take!
Chances of getting caught playing tricks, setting traps or breaking curfew are greatly reduced.Rebellious Sims take great pride in putting it to the man. Causing trouble (and getting out of it) is their specialty! Whether they're out after curfew or telling their boss they've had it, they'll no doubt take extra pleasure in it.
File:savvysculptor_59.pngSavvy Sculptor
Never shatter sculptures or behead topiaries.Savvy Sculptors know the ins and outs of sculpting masterpieces. These Sims never fail at making the best sculptures around.
File:schmoozer_59.pngSchmoozerThese Sims do better sucking up to the boss at work.With this trait your Sim will make friends with coworkers and their boss easier. Compliments from your Sim will be accepted, always.
(Late Night)
Shy Sims will never approach anyone that isn't a friend and are uncomfortable around Large groups of people that they do not consider friends. Abnormally huge mood boost when they are among friends.
File:slob_59.pngSlobThese Sims could care less about a mess in the house.With this trait your Sim will not be bothered by bad smells or filth.
File:snob_59.pngSnobThese Sims love expensive things and mirrors.With this trait your Sim will be hard to impress. Your Sim will want to own the finest things and never tires of compliments.
File:SocialButterfly_59.pngSocial ButterflyMuch easier to make friends.These Sims love to be center of attention and will do anything to make friends. They can recieve the unique All About Me! positive moodlet when being social but take a greater hit when this need is neglected.
File:starquality_59.pngStar Quality
(Late Night)
Sims who he Star Quality are bound to become popular. They have an easier time befriending celebrities and climbing the ladder to stardom. Easier to become friends with Celebrities, and more celebrity points earned when they do.
File:technophobe_59.pngTechnophobeNone.With this trait your Sim will not enjoy watching TV. They will not enjoy the computer either.
File:unflirty_59.pngUnflirtyNone.With this trait Your Sim will not be romantically inclined. They will be difficult to woo because they don't want to.
File:unlucky_59.pngUnluckyThese Sims sometimes earn the pity of the Grim Reaper when they die of an accident.With this trait things will rarely go well for your Sim in life.
File:vehicleenthusiast_59.pngVehicle Enthusiast
(Fast Lane)
Vehicle enthusiasts enjoy the craftsmanship of a fine ride and know the value of a dependable vehicle. Their relationship with their vehicles is a special one. Sims build relationships with vehicles more quickly and can also rename them right away.
File:vegetarian_59.pngVegetarianThese Sims live longer than non Vegetarian Sims.With this trait your Sim cannot eat meat.It makes them Sick.
File:virtuoso_59.pngVirtuosoThese Sims learn the guitar faster.With this trait your Sim will be naturally gifted in Music.
File:workaholic_59.pngWorkaholicThese Sims benefit even as children from hard work. Homework is done faster and raises at work are more forthcoming.With this trait your Sim will have fun working. Be careful though. Missing work or School gives them a negative mood reaction.

Did you know?

There is a hidden Trait? It can only come from producing the child of a firefighter. It's called Pyromaniac. Bet you can guess what this kid will do.

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