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About Me

I began submitting to TSR in May 2006. I've made great friends at TSR and learned many new things and am always trying to improve my skills. I love letting my creative side out of the box.

For Sims 3, I've started creating lots and Sims and materials. I'm having a good time experimenting and seeing how different materials can change things. I've also done a few custom clothing items. I can't wait to start creating furniture with the TSR Workshop!

For Sims 2 I do a bit of object meshing and tend to recolor things in 22 colors inspired by a set of wallpapers that I turned into 20 plaids. So I call them Plaid Inspired (PI). If you want kitchen or bathroom things in one of these colors, I've probably already done it. I love creating rooms of recolors and am beginning to enjoy meshing. Some of the best things I've created have come from other people's suggestions.

Contribution Stats

These are my Wiki Stats based on my editing contributions: Contribution Score for MoMama: 240
Changes Made by MoMama: 379
Unique Pages Edited by MoMama: 214

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